Born in 1961, Benson graduated with an architecture degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in 1985. In 1987, he started abb architecture, a versatile firm focused on design, project and construction. abb considers the cultural situation of the building's users and is oriented towards concrete solutions. Authenticity in design is regarded as a social-cultural process determined by what it terms "encounters", or accords between architect and client. In 1997 abb received a FOECA award (Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Baja California) for the project "Architecture to be Read and for Reading." The building—a classroom—was built by non-specialized volunteers. In 2004 Benson received another FOECA award as an artist for the project "Decolorurbano." As a visual artist, Benson studies material and space and as an architect, he seeks to create an environment that integrates space and culture.

Architecture to be read and for reading

Minguela Fernandez Residence

Window, Sky, Wall (ABB with James Hubbel)